The Snake strategy for 2048

Snake Strategy 2048

Strategy "snake" got its name from the principle of the well-known game of the same name. Its essence is the arrangement in a row of blocks with descending denominations (512-256-128-64). Let's understand it in more detail.

The first thing you should do is to determine the working area, the part of the playing field where you will collect "2048". This can be any of the corners. The point of the whole method is to exclude one of the directions. There's no hidden sacred meaning, it's just that if for example you move all the blocks up (especially in the later stages of the game, when most of the field is already filles with tiles), a "2" or "4" may very likely appear in the corner. This will break the strategy, because a tile of such value will be very hard to collect, especially if it is surrounded by tiles of a patrimony of 64 or more. Otherwise, by collecting the highest number in the corner square, the probability of winning is 80%. The remaining blocks must be collect in the same row by decreasing their face value. This will allow you, using most of the playing field, to collect the desired tiles and connect them one by one, which is very convenient.

For a visual representation of how to implement this strategy, watch the video. Remember, almost no one can do it right the first time.