The Priority Column Strategy for 2048

Priority Column stragety for 2048

The Priority Column is A simple strategy for 2048. The essence is about the same as in the "Snake" strategy, but the implementation is different. Conventionally we divide the playing field into 4 columns, number them - the leftmost is the first, the rightmost is the fourth.

When adding tiles, follow the principle: the blocks with the greatest value should be in the first column, the second number is less than the first, the third is less than the second, etc. The largest tiles we fill the entire first column. As in the case of the previous technique, it cannot be moved (as for our example, "to the right").

Based on this is the strategy of the game - choose the move that increases the value of the first columns. An essential nuance - it is necessary to plan the game so that the new number does not become the fourth in the column, without the possibility of connecting it, there will be no other way out except movement "to the right".

How it looks like in practice: